A word from one of our Steampunk and Makers Fair innovators:

“Learning “to make” is intentionally developing skills for your own projects. Makers become expert learners using viable and proven approaches to learning and problem-solving. Makers use the examples of other makers to challenge themselves and to continually raise the bar for their own work. In this process, Makers set higher and higher standards for their work in the community.”

So, what is this Steampunk and Makers Fair, you ask? We like to think of it as a trade show and celebration for the inventive and creative in downtown Lafayette, providing opportunities for fun, growth, learning, inspiration and collaboration. Here is a cool thought: It is about intention, choice and trajectory: it is about the path of life that we as individuals and as a community choose to take – and MAKE together. In Lafayette we choose the path of STEAM: science, technology, education, art and MAKING.

Yeah, but what is Steampunk?  Steampunk is celebrating 19th century science fiction fun in the modern world. STEAMPUNKERS are diverse innovators – many come and make and showcase their own music, stories, art, costumes and creative 19th century paraphernalia. Making things has been around a long time but the Makers Movement is modern. MAKERS are diverse innovators – many come and make and showcase their own work, designs, inventions.

As part of our Makers fair, students from Lafayette public & private schools, and students from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette have made impressive presentations and showcases of their work.  And, professional innovatiors, inventors, designers, teachers and industry and community leaders have made impressive presentations and showcases of their work, and, they host interactive panel discussions, workshops and contests.

For 2014 one of Lafayette’s favorite MAKERs – Lance LeBlanc – tells a video story below:

Lance’s artwork is for sale at the festival and then online here after November 15th.

The Steampunk and Makers Fair a collaboration of

Cité des Arts and The Lafayette Science Museum.

An ever-expanding collaboration and celebration of the dynamic and innovative Lafayette community.

Premiere sponsors:

Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission and

The Lafayette Consolidated Government

Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission

Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission

 Like Lance LeBlanc’s video above?  Do not miss this maker’s story (click the link just below)

 An inside look of the artistic process of

Lafayette Travel’s Creative Director Lance LeBlanc.

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